Tuesday, January 24, 2012

HR Problems

The Growth and Expansion (me) team of Chandler Heirlooms and Design has been hard at work. The IT Department (me) is struggling right now though. The Research and Development team (me) has been working over time to get a feel for the market and the Marketing and Advertising (me) team is at a stand still until Procurement (me) has secured proper inventory.  My Graphic Design Department (me) is working on a logo to properly represent us and after one week has yet to present anything to the Operations Manager (me). I also have someone learning to digitize original embroidery designs (me) as well as creating original patterns for smocking and children's clothing (me). I think I need to speak to my HR department (me)!!!

Our Customer Service and Sales Department received an order from a customer (NOT ME) for some eyelet diaper covers (panties) to be monogrammed. Our Production team (me) just finished those today and here they are!!

They are ready to be sent to the Shipping Department. Our Logistics Department is another "opportunity", as they say in the biz. The Silent Partner has taken the business car out of town. Therefore, there will be a delay in delivery.

In a future post I will laugh at such small obstacles such as these. I'm certain of it. If things grow like I imagine, I'll have real HR problems and that'll be, as my friend Martha Stewart says, "a good thing."

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