Tuesday, September 17, 2013

It's Fall Y'all

I can't believe it's been nearly 6 months since my little Chan man was born!!

Baby Chan dressed and ready to go home!!

He has since been a very busy boy. He had his first professional photo shoot just a few days later.
He got to meet some of his family.
Great grandmother "Maw Maw" Huskey

Aunt Judy
His beautiful grandmother, Sally

Grandpa Tag
He fought off the relentless paparazzi.
He went to church for the first time. He wore the yellow bubble outfit I made him.

He was a ring bearer in his Aunt Lauren's garden wedding in Iowa.

The Littlest Ring Bearer!!!
 Of course I was commissioned by his mother to make his wedding outfit. I was happy and honored to oblige. 

The wedding was simple and put together in a matter of 3 or 4 weeks. The groom had just gotten back from Afghanistan and the bride couldn't wait any longer to marry him!! I will create a post showing you how we pulled it all together and how lovely Lauren, the anxious bride, looked that day.
Suffice it to say Chandler served well as the Ring bearer. You can see his little pillow attached to his arm like a bracelet.
He celebrated Independence Day wearing this Nautical outfit.
And went to the pool for the first time.

He went to his first birthday party.
He got his first haircut!!  Don't you agree he needed one?

WHAT!???? You're gonna cut my hair already?!!

Chan's about to get his first trim. I mean look at that hair!

Mommy and Aunt Laurie getting Chan dressed for his blessing.

Absolutely ANGELIC on his blessing day!!
His mom made an awesome dessert for after party.
Then, for being such a good boy, he got his first "Big Toy" from Nana and Grandaddy Chandler.


He sported his summer clothes Nana made him.

He ate cereal for the first time.

He played with his best friend.
He played with the fish.
He got another Big Toy!
He watched his first ALABAMA game. Roll Tide!!
He got a new bed.
He had ANOTHER photo shoot.

Awe look at that smile!!

He LOVES his mommy!!
 While Chandler spent the spring and summer "growing", I spent it "sewing"!!
Chan hits the "mother load"!!

Well Now.......


 Yes, time has flown quickly and little Chan has been a busy boy! He's resting up and waiting for the next package, visiting the pumpkin patch, trick or treating, giving thanks and his 1st CHRISTMAS!!

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